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Italy, France, Germany, Sweden and USA: Dress code and appearance policies

Personal dress and appearance is a common way individuals express their personality, including their political and religious views. Unfortunately, the personal choices individuals make in attire, hairstyle and other personal appearance factors may collide with workplace rules, creating conflicts. 

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The right to be forgotten – ECJ ruling on Italian data protection case

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) recently ruled on an Italian case in which the director of a company, a Mr Manni, had brought an action against the Lecce Chamber of Commerce. He had built a tourist complex in Italy, but argued that the properties had failed to sell because it was apparent from the companies register that he had been involved in a company that had gone bankrupt in 1992 and was wound up in 2005. He believed he had a ‘right to be forgotten’ in relation to the data held about that company in the companies register. The ECJ disagreed. Ganzen Artikel lesen

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Italian employment law considerations during EURO 2016

"Italians lose football matches as if they were wars and lose wars as if they were football matches."

With this sentence, Winston Churchill summarised the intense emotion felt by Italians for football: like it or not, there are very few countries in which football takes on such a historic and passionate significance as in Italy. So, given this relationship between Italians and football, it is clear that when major football events begin, many Italians try hard to organise their time according to the match programme (and, in most cases, not only for the matches featuring the Italian team).

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Indemnity obligation vis-à-vis self-employed commercial agents

Another important judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union, issued on 3rd December 2015 (Quenon, case no. C-338/14), provided some clarification on the interpretation of European Directive no. 653/86 on agency law, which brought about the full amendment of Article 1751 of the Italian Civil Code. Ganzen Artikel lesen


The HR lawyer’s role in a successful global merger

In an increasingly integrated global economy, businesses and their employees progressively find themselves obliged to think and act in accordance with their company’s business strategy, which frequently transcends national borders. Businesses need to appreciate the complexity of the legal process in cross-border mergers and, in particular, the disparities and dissimilarities in local HR law, from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Based on a case study, we describe how the collaboration between a united group of lawyers and human resources (HR) departments across numerous jurisdictions can help companies successfully overcome the HR challenges of mergers and the subsequent integration of the businesses. Ganzen Artikel lesen