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Belgium: Increase in the credit of additional hours for certain part-time employees

In line with earlier announcements in the framework of the Workable and Agile Work project of Secretary of Employment Kris Peeters, the legislator - in view of more flexibility for certain part-time employees - has increased the so-called “credit of additional hours”. An RD of 23 March 2017 (Belgian State Gazette of 5 April 2017) provides the necessary amendments to the RD of 25 June 1990 in this regard. Ganzen Artikel lesen

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Belgium: New pension matter

The organiser of a pension promise must cover deficits of the vested reserves, as well as deficits regarding the guaranteed return provided in Article 24 of the AOP. The reasons which caused the deficits, such as the liquidation or the bankruptcy of the pension provider, are of no importance. Ganzen Artikel lesen


European court of justice rules on discrimination based on belief

belief discrimination
The ECJ has ruled on a Belgian case about whether an employer can justify having a neutral dress policy and on a French preliminary question on a similar theme. It confirms that a dress code aimed at neutrality can be used to justify discrimination based on belief. Ganzen Artikel lesen

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Football vs. Belgian employment law: 1-0?

According to a survey among 1,000 Belgian employees, 6 out of 10 employees intend to watch Euro 2016. Another survey among 200 HR managers revealed, however, that 7 out of 10 Belgian employers fear a reduction in productivity in the coming weeks due to Euro 2016. One should, perhaps, not be too surprised knowing that 2 employees out of 3 expect management will turn a blind eye if an important match takes place during working hours. Employers can of course hope for a swift Belgian exit out of France - but that would be a bit unsporting, wouldn’t it? On the other hand, if the Red Devils live up to their status as a dark horse and would go all the way to Paris, employers will be faced with a month of ever-increasing football fever. This article aims at helping employers to deal with a few issues which are likely to arise in the Euro’s slipstream. Ganzen Artikel lesen