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Italy: ‘Dignity Decree’ introduces new restrictions on fixed-term contracts

Newly enacted legislation in Italy limits fixed-term contracts, increases indemnities for unfair dismissal and addresses relocation of international business outside Italy. By enacting the so-called ‘Dignity Decree’, which entered into force on 14 July 2018, the newly elected Italian Government took significant steps to reverse changes to the law on fixed-term contracts, partially liberalised by its predecessors. The Decree has also increased the indemnities payable to employees in cases of unfair dismissal and introduced sanctions for companies that relocate or make employees redundant after having received state aid. The main legislative changes introduced by the Dignity Decree are set out below. Ganzen Artikel lesen


Colombia: new rules to monitor and penalise misuse of intermediation agreements

As part of its effort to eliminate illegal labour subcontracting, Colombia recently enacted new guidelines on inspection and enforcement in this sector. The guidelines also provide criteria to assist inspectors in assessing whether indirect employment arrangements will be illegal. Ganzen Artikel lesen


New questionnaire published by German Data Protection Authority

With a press release of 29 June 2018, the local Data Protection Authority (DPA) of Niedersachsen has published a questionnaire. The questionnaire has recently been sent to 20 large and 30 mid-sized companies of various industry sectors which are located in the German state of Niedersachsen. The local DPA has pointed out that they will not send the questionnaire to small companies such as carpenters or bakeries.

The intent is to get an overview of the status of GDPR preparation and compliance in the various companies. At this point in time, the focus is not to find as many mistakes as possible and to award fines. The plan is to support companies, make them more aware of the GDPR and give advice. In case of serious breaches, however, there will be fines awarded nevertheless.
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Germany: The perfect restructuring (part 3: balance of interests agreement)

The third of a series on ‘the perfect restructuring’ in an employment law context, this article provides recommendations from a German perspective for conducting negotiations with the works council to reach a balance of interests agreement prior to and during the conciliation board phase of a restructuring. Ganzen Artikel lesen