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Capstan TV: Employee Violence

French companies looking to restructure or close sites may have to anticipate a lot of employee pushback. Recent press has extensively covered cases where staff did not even shrink from physical violence against managers and senior employees. This of course raises a multitude of questions - how can companies protect themselves and their staff, and not endanger the restructuring process at the same time? Ganzen Artikel lesen


Working Time In Europe – How Is It Defined And Is There A Growing Trend To Reduce It?

Working time is one of the most central aspects of the employment relationship. Over the last years, there have been varying developments in the different European countries, from new legislation being adapted to new technological developments, that each in their own way have influenced the way working time is viewed. We provide an overview on those developments. Ganzen Artikel lesen


The HR lawyer’s role in a successful global merger

In an increasingly integrated global economy, businesses and their employees progressively find themselves obliged to think and act in accordance with their company’s business strategy, which frequently transcends national borders. Businesses need to appreciate the complexity of the legal process in cross-border mergers and, in particular, the disparities and dissimilarities in local HR law, from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Based on a case study, we describe how the collaboration between a united group of lawyers and human resources (HR) departments across numerous jurisdictions can help companies successfully overcome the HR challenges of mergers and the subsequent integration of the businesses. Ganzen Artikel lesen


Extending the scope of a non-compete covenant under Luxembourg law

When faced with the termination of key employees, the issue of non-compete covenants quite often is placed on the agenda. In this regard, one of the most commonly asked questions is how the scope of such agreements can be tailored to encompass as large an area as possible. We introduce the relevant guidelines, as held in a recent Court of Appeal ruling. Ganzen Artikel lesen


Changing the landscape of Irish employment law – The Workplace Relations Act 2015

The Workplace Relations Act 2015 (“the Act”) came into effect on 1 October 2015 and is designed to dramatically reform the employment law landscape in Ireland. The objective of the Act is to deliver a world-class workplace relations service which is simple to use, independent, impartial and cost effective. Ganzen Artikel lesen