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Sexual harassment at work: Global concern with local solutions

Sexual harassment
A recent headline could put fear in the hearts of general counsel and HR professionals alike. A restaurant franchisee in Ohio shells out $ 1.4 million to settle a sexual harassment case brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of multiple women. In that case, EEOC v. E. Columbus Host, LLC, the EEOC claimed a restaurant manager engaged in egregious sexual harassment of 12 female employees. His behavior was said to include pressuring workers as young as 17 for sexual favors, unwelcome touching of female workers, making humiliating remarks about women, and retaliating against female employees who complained. Ganzen Artikel lesen


New Ius Laboris guide: managing works accidents

Work accidents
ius laboris, the Alliance of Global HR lawyers, is happy to announce the launch of yet another volume in its Ius Laboris Guides: "Managing a serious work accident". This publication explores the risks to employers and others arising from a serious accident, as well as the immediate and mandatory steps an employer should take post-accident across 18 jurisdictions. Ganzen Artikel lesen


Toffoletto als Law Firm of the Year in Italien geehrt


Unsere ius laboris-Allianzkanzlei in Italien, Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci, ist am 27. September 2016 bei den jährlichen Legalcommunity Labour Awards auf einem Galaevent im Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, Mailand, als “Law Firm of the Year” ausgezeichnet worden. Bei den Awards handelt es sich um die prestigeträchtigste Preisverleihung Italiens im Bereich Arbeitsrecht. In der Begründung nahm die Jury unter Anderem explizit auf das internationale Netzwerk Bezug, welches die ius...

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Ius Laboris Spanien: Sagardoy Abogados gewinnt Expansión Legal Award

Unsere Ius Laboris Partnerkanzlei aus Spanien, Sagardoy Abogados, hat den diesjährigen Expansión Law Awards gewonnen. Die Jury, bestehend aus dreißig spanischen Experten aus Wirtschaft und Jurisprudenz, zeichnete feierlich unsere Kollegen als Gewinner in der Kategorie „Best Employment Law Firm“ aus. In einer feierlichen Zeremonie im Teatro Real in Madrid nahm Iñigo Sagardoy die Auszeichnung im Namen der rund 50 Anwälte von Sagardoy Abogados entgegen. Ganzen Artikel lesen


New Ius Laboris brochure – European Labour Reforms 2015

European Labour Reforms
Ius Laboris, the Alliance of Global HR lawyers, has recently created a new brochure which will update HR professionals and employment lawyers across Europe regarding ongoing legislative developments, focused on reforms intended to make labour markets more flexible and to encourage longer working. Kliemt & Vollstädt contributed the German perspective on past and ongoing reforms.
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Individual Dismissals Across Europe: New Ius Laboris guide

ius laboris
Ius Laboris, the Alliance of Global HR lawyers, is happy to announce the launch of the second volume in a new edition of Ius Laboris Guides. Available now,the interactive Guide on Individual Dismissals Across Europe covers the entire process of issuing an individual dismissal and points out pitfalls to avoid. The Guide's german perspective was provided by Kliemt & Vollstädt. As usual, further guides in the series will be announced on as well as here. Ganzen Artikel lesen


Economic and Organisational Dismissals: New Ius Laboris guide

Ius Laboris, the Alliance of Global HR lawyers, is delighted to announce the launch of a new series of Ius Laboris Guides. Available now, the Economic and Organisational Dismissals interactive guide is the first in the series. Covering 38 countries, the guide explains the processes and matters to be considered when carrying out dismissals for economic or organisational reasons. The next issue in the series - Individual Dismissals across Europe - will be available very soon. Ganzen Artikel lesen