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UK – employment rights in a no-deal Brexit

What might a ‘no-deal’ Brexit mean for UK employment rights? What could employers do now to prepare? And what might the future hold in a no-deal scenario? With new Prime Minister Boris Johnson clear that he would be prepared to leave the EU without a deal if necessary and current legislation committing the UK to leaving the EU at 23:00 on 31 October, this article revisits the employment law implications of a no-deal Brexit.  Ganzen Artikel lesen


UK: No deal #Brexit and data protection

This article discusses the impact of a no deal Brexit on data protection issues for businesses transferring data to or from the UK and how they should prepare for this possibility. With the Brexit D-day of 29 March looming, organisations have asked us to help prepare a Brexit Data Response Plan in case of a potential no deal Brexit. Building on the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO); and Department for Digital, Culture Media & Sport (DCMS) Guidance Notes, we provide below some data protection considerations and sensible actions to take to ensure that your organisation’s data governance is ready. Ganzen Artikel lesen


UK: #Brexit – The final countdown (maybe) …

The UK is leaving the EU in two and a half weeks’ time, at the time of writing. Or maybe it isn’t. Your guess is as good as ours.  As Parliament prepares for its fateful votes on whether to say yes to May’s deal, with or without some revisions to the Irish backstop, and, if it says no, whether to crash out with no deal or ask the EU for extra time, we thought now was a good time to recap on where exactly we are and what it all means from an employment law perspective. What are the possible scenarios for the UK’s continued relationship with the EU as the 29 March deadline approaches, and what impact would they have on employers? Ganzen Artikel lesen


UK: #Brexit – How to handle the EWC

The final form of Brexit remains uncertain, as does its impact on European Works Councils (‘EWCs’) that are governed by UK law. In this article, we provide an update on the state of play as we enter March 2019, building on our earlier article. We then discuss what course of action businesses should take as we approach the projected date for the UK’s departure from the EU on 29 March. Ganzen Artikel lesen


UK: Ethnicity pay reporting


On 11 October 2018 the UK government launched a consultation on proposals for ethnicity pay reporting. This article provides details of that consultation and highlights some of the difficulties with the proposed reporting arrangements. There is a trend in employment law towards transparency being used as a method of driving change. We see it in the ‘name and shame’ regime for National Minimum Wage contraventions, the new CEO pay ratio reporting regime, the publication of age demographic statistics suggested...

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