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Schrems II: what are the implications for data transfers from the GCC?

In Schrems II, the European Court of Justice rejected the Privacy Shield as a legitimate basis for personal data transfers: what are the potential consequences for data processing in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries? This article provides guidance. The European Court of Justice’s recent Schrems II decision (case C-311/18) has attracted a lot of attention in data protection circles. One of the key outcomes of the decision is that it removes one of the grounds...

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European Court of Justice – A ‘Like’ button on your website? Then you are a joint data controller with Facebook!

Website operators who feature a ‘Like’ button have been ruled to be joint controllers for data protection purposes in a recent European Court of Justice judgement. In a judgment of 29 July 2019 (Fashion ID GmbH & Co, C-40/17) the European Court of Justice ruled that operators of a website that features a ‘Like’ button are controllers jointly with Facebook.  Ganzen Artikel lesen


International Data Transfers – what should employers do now?

Data Transfers
This week (Tuesday, February 7, 2017), the hearings have started in the “Schrems II” litigation before the Irish High Court. The result of this litigation might be that the High Court refers proceedings to the European Court of Justice (EU CoJ) with the request to declare the “Standard Contract Clauses” (SCC) to be invalid. Following the EU CoJ verdict of 6.10.2015 (Schrems) and the development of the EU U.S. Privacy Shield last year, German local Data Protection Authorities have sent out questionnaires to 1,500 companies Germany-wide, asking them in some detail about their use of personal data and to what extent they are being sent to non-EU countries. What will follow next? Ganzen Artikel lesen