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Discrimination against part-time employees on duration of employment? The European Court gives its verdict

The European Court of Justice has ruled on whether the Part-Time Work Directive should be interpreted as precluding a national provision setting the maximum duration of a fixed-term employment relationship for part-time workers for a longer period than for full-time employees. Ganzen Artikel lesen


U.K.: Discrimination by dresscode?

Dresscode discrimination
Employers introduce dress or 'appearance' codes for various reasons, such as to protect health and safety or to portray a particular image. The new report, published jointly by the House of Commons Petitions Committee and the Equalities Committee, emphasises that employers should remain alert to potential discrimination (e.g. on grounds of sex, race, religion or age) that can be caused by some dress codes, as well as the health and safety issues that may be raised by requirements such as a rule that female employees must wear high heels. Ganzen Artikel lesen


U.K.: New discrimination case law

The CJEU found that a provision in a scheme’s rules which required members to marry before the age of 60 for full survivors’ benefits to be payable did not constitute discrimination on the grounds of age or sexual orientation. This was despite the fact that it was legally impossible for the claimant to enter into a civil partnership or same sex marriage before reaching that age. Ganzen Artikel lesen