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France – The ‘Macron scale’ challenged in labour tribunals’ rulings

Some French employment tribunals have refused to implement the Macron government’s scale of awards for unfair dismissals. This article sets out the legal background and reasoning behind the dispute and probable next steps. Ganzen Artikel lesen


The Netherlands – A look ahead to proposed employment law reforms

This article takes a look at employment law reforms planned in the Netherlands by the coalition government formed by Prime Minister Mark Rutte in October 2017. Ganzen Artikel lesen

Ius Laboris United Kingdom - Sacker & Partners LLP (Pensions)

UK employment and pensions law review 2017

UK 2017
The political scene in the UK has inevitably been dominated in recent months by the vote narrowly in favour of “Brexit” in the referendum on EU membership last June and its associated political fallout. This led, among other things, to David Cameron’s resignation as prime minister and leader of the Conservative party and his replacement by Theresa May. Ganzen Artikel lesen