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Decisions are made on the pitch – fixed term employment contracts with professional footballers

Fixed term employment contracts
All theory is academic – decisions are made on the pitch. These words of Alfred (Adi) Preißler, the famous footballer and trainer, aptly sum up the legal position of employment contracts in professional football. Or at all events they certainly apply if we follow the arguments of the Rhineland-Palatinate Higher Labour Court. In the case of the former Mainz goalkeeper Heinz Müller, there was a short period when Mainz Labour Court shocked the German football world, but the subsequent decision of the Rhineland-Palatinate Higher Labour Court calmed things down for a while. The main reason for this was because it opened the way for the Federal Labour Court to decide the issue once and for all. However, it would not be surprising if the Heinz Müller case ends prematurely with a settlement. Ganzen Artikel lesen

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EURO 2016 and employment law in Germany

Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.

That's how simple football is, according to Gary Lineker. At all events, things are often far from simple, if football mania and employment law coincide. For not every employee is keen to miss the fun of the matches; some will (want to) follow their team's victories and defeats, and perhaps with (too much) exuberance. Football gives everyone plenty to talk about - even during "working" hours. And quite a few will enjoy betting on the results. Euro 2016 is therefore a major sporting event that contains a lot of potential for conflict in employment law in a variety of situations. This applies in particular with regard to holiday, working hours and employee behaviour as well as its control. Ganzen Artikel lesen


Fehler bei Massenentlassung: Das Aus für die Kündigung?

Kaum eine Norm des Kündigungsschutzrechts hat über die letzten Jahre die Arbeitsgerichte so sehr in Atem gehalten wie § 17 KSchG. Zahlreiche europäisch getriebene neue Rechtsentwicklungen haben das Recht der Massenentlassung beeinflusst und vermeintlich sicher geglaubte nationale Grundsätze auf den Kopf gestellt. Jüngst erst hatte das BAG zur Frage entschieden, welche Personengruppen bei der Berechnung der Arbeitnehmerzahl zu berücksichtigen sind. Sind Fehler der Massenentlassungsanzeige aber stets gleichbedeutend mit dem „Aus“ für die Kündigung? Nicht unbedingt, zeigt eine neue Entscheidung des BAG. Ganzen Artikel lesen


Implementation of a cross-border social media strategy

As social media becomes an integral part of business life, we take a look at how international employers can develop and implement a workplace policy in the complex intersection between personal and business lives. Ganzen Artikel lesen