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The hidden dangers of “Uberizing” a workforce

Technology is changing how, when and where we work. With these changes come shifting attitudes in how workers view their relationship with employers. The “on-demand” economy purports to bridge this gap, giving workers flexibility to choose when to work and connecting employers with available skilled labor when they need it most. The on-demand model would appear to provide both workers and employers what they want. But what hidden dangers lie in “Uberizing” your workforce? Ganzen Artikel lesen


EURO 2016 or work, do we really have to choose?

We’ve just put the rackets away and it’s already time to take out the football cleats. The EURO 2016 started on Friday 10 June and with it arises the perpetual question of whether it is possible to watch matches at work. Both the astute and the disgruntled may be surprised to see this type of article flourishing around the time of the EURO, since the rest of the time they are not used to seeing titles like “Can I read magazines at work?” or “Can I watch my favorite TV show during my working hours?”, because the answer is so evident. Ganzen Artikel lesen


Employers must look for a purchaser before closing a site in France

Multinational employers with smaller sites in France quite often are surprised to hear that, during international restructurings, the requirements of French law may cause them to rethink their timeline, strategy and/or general approach when implementing measures that affect their French entity. We describe one such special requirement which has the potential to make restructurings grind to a halt. Ganzen Artikel lesen


Capstan TV: Employee Violence

French companies looking to restructure or close sites may have to anticipate a lot of employee pushback. Recent press has extensively covered cases where staff did not even shrink from physical violence against managers and senior employees. This of course raises a multitude of questions - how can companies protect themselves and their staff, and not endanger the restructuring process at the same time? Ganzen Artikel lesen